Unbelievably scary!

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What's scarier that ghosts and clowns and things that go bump in the night?  Identity theft, that's what.

As you know, the Equifax breach was huge and will loom over the affected, for the duration of their lifetime.

I was affected and I'm sure you've checked to see if you were, too. I have been looking into monitoring companies and the like and decided to freeze my information on all three major credit rating bureaus. There is a small fee for this and then another fee to "defrost and refreeze" (don't do this with meat), should one need to  apply for credit. For me, it seems the wisest choice. 

I am inserting the links for the three credit reporting companies, so that, if you like, you too can freeze your information.


Freeze Equifax

Freeze Transunion

Freeze Experian


Actually, in this moment, the one in which I am writing this, the Equifax link is not working. I'd like to think they will sort that out ASAP.

Please take care of and protect your identity as well as you can, the nefarious people of the dark web are real horrors we need to check our closets and under our beds for, these days!


And now, my favorite Halloween candy...